Efficient & accurate tracking of feed orders, through the entire delivery process. Your drivers are never in the dark with FeedTrackur. Turn-by-turn tracking to their delivery destination, through the ease of an Android™ Powered Touchscreen Tablet. Reduce risk with critical real-time data and communication and ensure accurate delivery with Bin Verification.


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Your Feed Delivery Solution

  • Traceability and Transparency
  • GPS & Cellular Technology
  • Powerful Solutions
  • As soon as the feed leaves the mill, the operators lose visibility and traceability of that order. FeedTrackur provides:

    • Route taken

    • Stops made

    • Total miles driven

    • Unload times

    • Delivery notifications

    • Excess feed reporting

  • FeedTrackur accurately captures data and information of every location your vehicle has been without the need of an internet connection. Data and information captured:

    • Routes taken

    • Stops made

    • Tracks miles driven

    • Tracks loads delivered

  • FeedTrackur allows for customized in-depth reporting on an easy to use interface. Reports include:

    • Decision Report

    • Delivery and Wait Time Report

    • Drive Efficiency Reporting

    • Sequencing Report

Feed Delivery Packages

  • Basic

    Bin Bar Code Scanner
    Delivery Verification
    Mileage Tracking
    Violation Reporting

  • Plus

    All BASIC Features
    Full Feature Live Map
    Site Note and Repair Reporting
    Excess Feed Processing

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  • Premium

    All PLUS Features
    Smart Trailer Integration
    Bio-Hazard Route Avoidance