DP Techlink started as a brainstorm of our Founder Dave Kier back around 2000. Dave was searching for better ways to run his Feed Manufacturing business (DFS), specifically how to make sure that the right feed was getting to the right place at the right time. Back then the technology was not advanced enough to provide Dave the solution he was looking for.

Not giving up he continued to look for a solution. In 2012 Dave brought in a group to try to build a tech solution that would track feed deliveries. This initial effort failed. Eventually, Dave found a development group called The Phoenix group. In a partnership between Phoenix and DFS the first-generation product was developed – Link to Bin. Success, it tracked feed deliveries but was limited in that it was hardcoded to be specific to DFS. After a few years of internal use by DFS, Dave and the Phoenix group wanted to commercialize the software solution. In 2014 DP Techlink, LLC was formed as a separate entity. A development effort was started to convert the base code from being DFS centric to being cloud-based, this was the transition from Link-to-Bin to FeedTrackur. In late 2016, we initiated trying to sell FeedTrackur to customers other than solely DFS. In May of 2019 we engaged Lean Techniques to develop and deliver Agistics. Our goal is to ultimately roll all of FeedTrackur’s capability into Agistics over the next 12 to 18 months.