Take a look at your business and Enjoy the View.

  • More visibility.

    You need a clear view of your supply chain - your team, your trucks, your product - and your customers need to know your ETA. Why not keep things moving and see it all in one place?

  • More traceability.

    Keep a perfect record of all delivery stops including pick-ups, weigh stops, sanitation steps and drop-offs, all tracks through GPS and real-time communications from each step between dispatch and delivery.

  • More biosecurity.

    With two levels of biohazard zones that automatically re-route Drivers in real-time and required truck sanitation steps, your flock or herd is safer from outbreaks than ever before.

  • Scheduling Made Easy

    • Create drafts while you work, then publish bulk assignment of orders, shipments, and loads

    • Visibility to logistics and operational teams

    • Real-time, dynamic and precise communication

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  • Audit-Ready Reports, Right Now

    • Comprehensive GPS visibility on mobile app and website

    • Transparency and traceability of every step of an order

    • Multiple pick-ups and deliveries for supply chain flexibility

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  • Route Management for Your Full Fleet

    • Real-time logistics intelligence for schedulers, dispatchers, site managers, and drivers

    • Confirm routes, estimate times of arrival, and predict & prevent issues in transport

    • More efficient scheduling and effective use of all logistics assets

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  • Biosecurity in Transport

    • Real-time re-routing as biohazards arise

    • Global biohazard zones determined by the USDA or local governing body

    • Company-specific zones set by your team

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  • Notifications & Tasks Keep Everyone Up To Date

    • Supply chain team members receive notifications for scheduled tasks

    • Real-time alerts for pick-ups, deliveries, and sanitation steps

    • Guides drivers through complete task list including weigh stops and biosecurity steps

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