Founded in 1995, Matiss is a privately held Canadian company with some 100 employees between its head office in Saint-Georges deBeauce, Quebec, and its place of business in Sainte-Julie, Quebec. Matiss’s mission is to offer industrial automation solutions to make its customers more competitive in the manufacturing of their products. The Matissoft division develops and integrates ERP-type production management and process control software for the agricultural sector, notably for millers and farmers. The MatissEquipment division offers automation, robotics and custom equipment solutions. For more information, visit

KT Pacer – the new name in Animal Feed Trailers and Bodies –brings the experience of CEI Pacer and Warren Feed Trucks together in one company. With more than 45 years of experience, KT Pacer is recognized as an industry leader for design innovation and quality manufacturing of aluminum feed body and feed trailer transportation equipment. DP Techlink and KT Pacer have now partnered in the next generation of trailers in developing the SmartTrailer, adding more visibility and efficiency to the delivery process than ever before. For more information, visit

The Decade of Ag is the first food and agricultural sector-wide movement to align around a shared vision and outcomes for the sustainable food and ag systems of the future, along with agreed-upon principles for collaboration and co-creation of solutions. DP Techlink joins more than 60 other companies and other organizations in endorsing it, as momentum grows within the agriculture sector to take bold, unified action to mitigate the effects of climate change. For more information, visit