Live Haul logistics have always been filled with gray areas and guesswork. Agistics brings you, and your operation, peace of mind in real-time. We have you covered from dispatch to delivery and all points in between. Schedule multiple pick-ups, establish efficient and safe delivery routes, and track with GPS and incomparable communications.

less work. period.


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Your Live Haul Solution

  • Real-Time Scheduling & Delivery Review
  • Avoidance Zones
  • Task Management
  • Real-time information provides dynamic and precise communication throughout the Live Haul and Production process.

    • Integrated bulk assignment of orders, shipments, and loads

    • Complete visibility to logistics and operations teams

    • Transparency and traceability of every step of an order from pick-up through delivery

  • Re-route in real-time if a bio-hazard or any other operational hazards (embargoed roads, flood, weight restrictions, etc.) arise. Agistics allows for two levels of Avoidance Zones to be defined:

    • Global Avoidance Zones - managed by the DP Techlink team

    • Company-Specific Avoidance Zones - set up by your team

  • Drivers receive alerts relative to their scheduled tasks including:

    • Pick-ups

    • Deliveries

    • Sanitation Steps