Are the Agistics and FeedTrackur apps available on mobile devices?

  • Agistics is available in The App Store and Google Play for both Android and Apple devices.
  • FeedTrackur is a tablet-based application. The APK will be installed onto customer devices at the time of implementation. Updates to the APK are automatic after initial install.

Do your products connect to existing systems?

  • Agistics does not connect to existing systems.
  • FeedTrackur has API and webhook capabilities that customers consume to get information from and to existing systems.

Will your products replace the ELD?

  • Neither Agistics nor FeedTrackur replaces the ELD.

What devices can your products be used on?

  • Agistics is a device neutral application that can be used with any device.
  • FeedTrackur can be used with Android-based tablets.

How will these products improve productivity and efficiencies? Will this improve driver efficiency/productivity?

  • Using either Agistics or FeedTrackur will increase driver efficiency and productivity. Both applications provide turn-by-turn navigation helping to prevent the driver from going to the wrong location. Both applications streamline and reduce redundant data entry within the software application. Both applications also offer robust reporting.

Will your products replace existing systems?

  • Agistics may eliminate the need for color-coded excel spreadsheets with its scheduling feature. Agistics could also eliminate other vehicle tracking products.
  • FeedTrackur eliminates the manual driver feed delivery logs. FeedTrackur could also eliminate other vehicle tracking products.

Are the products multilingual?

  • Agistics currently supports both Spanish and English languages. Additional languages will be added as the need arises.
  • FeedTrackur supports the English language.

Are the products user friendly?

  • Both applications are easy to use and learn.

What does customer service support look like?

  • For both Agistics and FeedTrackur; all Customer Service Support questions are addressed within 48 hours and the majority of questions are resolved in less than 24 hours.

What does a typical implementation look like?

  • For both Agistics and FeedTrackur our team works in cooperation with your team to complete the typical steps for implementation:
    • One (1) week of system review
    • Two (2) or Three (3) weeks of set-up and testing
    • One (1) week of on-site installation (w/ COVID-19 this step may be done virtually if both parties agree)
    • Four (4) weeks of Customer running system
    • Two (2) to three (3) day onsite update by DPTechlink ((w/ COVID-19 this step may be done virtually if both parties agree)
    • Bi-weekly follow-up meetings with core team for six (6) months
    • Ongoing updates and modifications
  • DP Techlink will push out updates on a regular basis with an active and updated schedule for all updates to ensure minimum impact to our customers.

How is the data stored, backed-up, and owned?

  • Both Agistics and FeedTrackur’s data is stored in the cloud and backed-up. Customers own their own data.

How long is the data stored?

  • Both Agistics and FeedTrackur data is stored for 24 months. If the additional data storage time is required, it can be obtained for an additional fee.

Do your products replace paper/manual entry of information?

  • Both Agistics and FeedTrackur have been designed to take the place of paper/manual entry of information to eliminate errors and improve efficiencies.