Automated task and status notifications KEEP everyone from your drivers to your customers on the same page, and help you avoid the headache of individual phone calls and emails.

Your business depends on your Drivers to keep things moving, and your Drivers depend on you to keep things running efficiently and accurately. Agistics offers your team the opportunity to stay on the same page, no matter where they are: on the road, or in the office.


Complete Driver Task List

Agistics gives Drivers a chance to start each day with all of their tasks in the palm of their hands. From pick-ups to multiple drop-offs, weigh stops, maintenance checks, and sanitation steps, your Drivers can easily see their daily tasks without any paperwork involved. If something changes? They’ll get a real-time notification of the adjustment right on their phone. Bonus: it’s just as easy to use for contract Drivers as it is for your own fleet.

Supply Chain Team Notifications

We know that more than just your Drivers need to know what’s going on with your daily deliveries. That’s why we’ve also set up text and email notifications for your Site Managers, Catching Teams, Loading Teams, and more. If there’s a member of the Value Chain that needs to be in the know, Agistics has them covered.

Real-Time Alerts for Customers

At the end of the day, it’s all about your Customers. That’s why, in addition to the ETA feature available on our Live Map, Agistics has built-in Delivery Notifications so your Customer knows you’ve delivered the right stuff, right on time.